Come with me, my love, to the sea, the sea of blogs.

Cap\'n Nemo and the Giant Squid

   So, I feel like I cant start this blog without giving a nod to my humble wedding blog beginnings (“humble” as in, I’m humbled to be included in a group blog among such fantastic writers) over at Buttercup Punch. When I came aboard they told me I could write about whatever, so I penned a couple of posts about my wedding crap. The metallic taste of bridal blood was on my tongue and I wanted more.  Self-indulgent as it is, I’d really like to go a little more apeshit about my wedding planning than I feel comfortable doing over there.  So I started this little jewelbox of a wedding blog. I have every intention of still posting on Buttercup, but I thought narrowing the wedding focus could be a good thing. 

   I find temporary states of life to be pretty interesting subjects. Like pregnancy, you know, being a mother is forever, but being pregnant is a temporary state. I’ll be married (hopefully!) for the rest of my life, but the whole “bride” part is only for a little while. So, sucky and stressful brideliness makes for a great temp topic, like a travel journal or a captain’s log on a voyage or some Jules Verne-ish crap like that. So yeah, I’ll be Captain Emo aboard the Good Ship Nuptualus over here, whereas I can just be me minus the white dress over on Buttercup. Get it?

Anyway, a quick intro to my wedding blogging process thus far, so you can get a taste of my writing style and blah blah, peep my Buttercup entries:

A Night Without Flatware: Registry Woes

A Night Without Flatware II: The Revenge


Leave me love in the comments, and perhaps a giant squid or two.


One response to “Come with me, my love, to the sea, the sea of blogs.

  1. PaisleyPajamas

    I was gonna be annoying and write the F-word (you know the one that comes before ‘second’), but thought better of it.

    Bring on the bride stuff, Biscuit. I’m going to live vicariously through you this spring!

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