Ugly Dress of the Week: From Bulgaria With Love

Now, being 25 years old and having lived through some of the ugliest decades in history, I thought I knew ugly. Z Cavariccis, scrunchies, new agey bullshit, goth, mall goth, mall bangs, Mormon compound hair, “the Rachel”, shit, I thought I’d seen it all. That was because I didn’t know


Hot. Tranny. Mess. I was flexing my Google-fu this afternoon when I found this beaut’. It was on a Bulgarian weddings site, which I immediately thought must be some mail-order bride operation. But apparently not. Apparently this is legit Bulgarian fashion. The fuck YES it is! I officially love Bulgaria. Mr. Panda may have to re-route those honeymoon plans…

This dress looks like a wardrobe reject from To Wong Foo.. Miss Vita won’t even touch this sad, sad, polyester abortion. Chris March from Project Runway is going, “Pffft! Don’t look at me..” Really though, don’t ask me, because I don’t know.  Really. This dress has knocked the wind from my sails.

There are pretty much no words for this dress, but if you want to try, that’s what the comment box is for. Happy snarking!


7 responses to “Ugly Dress of the Week: From Bulgaria With Love

  1. I’m particularly fond of the sewn-in navel jewel for that extra touch of klass.

  2. I want this, but I need the panel in the front to be a little bit lower so that my future husband can put on my clit ring when we are exchanging vows.

  3. Is it sewn in? I just assumed it was a belly button ring.

  4. Cate I think it’s sewn-in, b/c the deeeeep-v has a panel of mesh in it. “For modesty,” such as.

  5. i’d like to see that satin neck band (which is so clearly holding the whole the whole thing together) be worked into a choker of some kind, because really, this lovely frock is just crying out for a choker – a rhinestone choker at that.

    and why does she have a clutch? is it for the post-ceremony clubbing or the complimentary ho stroll immediately following the reception?

  6. Oh dear me, I only wish this surprised me after the Euro-Trash-Disco-In-Alaska nights I’ve seen. How many Bulgarian sluts do I know that would rock this?! If only I had enough fingers to count.

  7. Yes, of course I want my wedding dress to make my boobs look like pancakes. Why would I want my tits to look good on the one day I’ll be photographed more than any other day in my entire life?

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