Hand in Glove

Welcome to my newest feature! I’ll be combing the Knot wedding profiles, online announcements, and magazines for people’s weddings to profile. But I can think of no better way to kick this puppy off than with a gallery of notable celebrity nuptuals:

Hand in glove

The sun shines out of our behinds

No, it’s not like any other love

This one is different – because it’s us

Hand in glove

We can go wherever we please

And everything depends upon

How near you stand to me

And if the people stare

Then the people stare

Oh, I really don’t know and I really don’t care

Kiss My Shades

Hand in glove

The Good People laugh

Yes, we may be hidden by rags

But we’ve something they’ll never have

…. With these cats, that “something they’ll never have” is a prenup, divorce lawyers on speed dial, and gobs and gobs of money. You know, my intention behind this post was for it to be all barbed and sarcastic, but looking at it now, it’s seeming a little bit sycophantic and stalkerish. So I’m’a stop now. Please snark bitterly about over-the-top, tacky celebratorial marriagestravaganzas in the comments.


10 responses to “Hand in Glove

  1. Awwww….that Brad and Jennifer one almost made me feel bad that he’s with Angie. Almost.

    And my fave? The freakshow that is Liza Minelli and David Gest.

    Aw, and who can forget JLo’s first marriage! Ojani!

  2. bifteck-frites

    Wow, it is REALLY shocking to see exactly how much Katie Holmes has changed. So Stepford-y!

  3. i demand mick and bianca jagger! my FAVE celebrity wedding, style wise.

  4. OK, J.D., lemme go look for that one. In fact, I love rock star weddings so much, I’m gonna do a whole ‘nother one of these devoted. You inspire me, Regent, you do!

  5. Aw…Brad and Jen. Got married on my birthday, so I have a soft spot for them.

    But, yeah, let me put on my snarkin’ hat and come back to this. Except Princess Grace.

    Watch out, Charles.

  6. YAY. i know you’re not gonna skip elvis just because you live in memphis and it makes you want to puke.

  7. oh and sorry to be all up in your comments, but this is like my fave picture of their wedding. it looks like mine and mr. rege’s 1st wedding, joints and champagne for all. not as much cleavage, though, i gotta say. you don’t have to post this comment, i just wanted to show it to you.

  8. @j.d.regent: that is some aerodynamic cleavage, her tit is about to launch a warhead. mick looks like he just did a massive line. awww, yay rocker wedding daze!

  9. when did billy bob thornton become a decorated officer?! and how in the name of john paul mitchell does k.fed have better hair on his wedding day than david beckham??

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