Exclusive! Breaking! Mariah Carey’s Wedding Dress!

Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon On Wednesday, and WE have the 1st pics of the blushing bride’s wedding dress. After the jump!


HAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Just kidding. It’s this week’s Ugly Dress of the Week! But I wish it were true. Peep the comments in the Jezebel post about it for more hilarious speculation about Mariah Carey’s glitter rainbow unicorn themed wedding!


6 responses to “Exclusive! Breaking! Mariah Carey’s Wedding Dress!

  1. dorothyzbornak

    Wow, it’s like Scarlett O’Hara and Hello Kitty had a pink bastard child.

  2. myrtlebeachbum

    You KNOW bitch would’ve worn it had she know it existed.

    Somewhere, a stylist is gonna get a beatdown when M finds her way here.

  3. a.clever.otter

    Too long, not enough cleavage.

  4. amazonredheadedubervixen

    Take off the HK crap, and it’s frighteningly similar to the bridesmaid’s dress I had to wear for my brother’s wedding. In 1986.

    But I’m *sure* it would have looked far less ridiculous on Mariah.

  5. yeah, i’m with otter – i’m expecting mimi’s ‘dress’ will be her rolled in pink tinted dental dam with a pair of wrap around diamond studded shades, teetering on custom made loubotains.

  6. Greets! Really funny. keep working!

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