The Bridal Blogosphere Hive-Mind

 Sonofabitch. The internet is a small fucking world. So, earlier this week one of my fave commenters on Jezebel, Jessicalovejoy, posts a pic of the Hostess/Twinkie/Lil’ Debbie wedding cake in the comments 5 minutes after I published the CoD: Insanity Interlude post. And now, since yesterday when I posted the wedding theme post, I’m seeing my theme ideas freaking everywhere.


One of my favorite touches from my Blush and Bashful post was the floral arrangements in tea tins thing from an old copy of Martha Stewart Weddings:


   Not only do I know where to buy those tins cheap, but It seems like a simple DIY thing that even I can pull off. AND, as an added bonus, I can re-package the loose tea inside the tins for use as wedding favors. But, I’m disheartened b/c in the last week, I’ve seen these tins on nearly every wedding blog, and it’s ruining the idea for me.

   WHY? Why y’all gotta have your fingers in my Kool-Aid, blogs? I don’t have time to dream up painfully original ideas, so for something whimsical and cute like this to become “trendy” or “ubiquitous” is really pissing me off. I didn’t ask for this, OK? I don’t want a trendy wedding. There are no chocolate cosmos in my bouquet and my bridesmaids’ dresses are not brown. I don’t have two dresses (a “ceremony” dress and a “surprise!” sexy, slinky dress for the reception. I need to throw up now, BRB.) and a martini luge. You know, it pains me that I’m even thinking about centerpieces in the first place. I want so badly to not give a shit, and just pull off a beautiful wedding without even trying, because there are more important things in life- like the actual marriage and booze and friends and Samurai movies and melted butter…

   Anyway, if any of you can help me think of ways to put a fresh spin on this idea, I’d very much appreciate it. I’ve been hit with a bout of insomnia this week, so my thinking function is not in peak condition. I’d like to use these tins as table centerpieces, but maybe not fill them with flowers. Because flowers are expensive and wasteful and bad for the environment. One thoughtI had was to take a hammer & nail to them and make fancy versions of soup can lanterns out of them:


Thoughts? Leave them in the comments!


9 responses to “The Bridal Blogosphere Hive-Mind

  1. I can’t tell if you’re being tongue-in-cheek about people liking your idea of tea tins or not.

    But assuming you’re serious, if you have an idea that you want to keep original for your wedding, it might not be the best thing to post it on a public wedding blog.

    And the same people you accuse of turning your creative ideas into trends are the ones you ask for help in your last paragraph.

    Given the fact that the tea tin idea originally was from Martha Stewart weddings, it is expected that it would turn into a trend soon anyway, without the help of your public posting.

    BTW, I had 2 dresses for my wedding. My second one was hot pink. I desperately wanted to wear the pink one for the entire wedding buy my family threw a fit and wanted me to wear white. I wasn’t trying to be “trendy” I was just wearing a dress that I love while also keeping my family happy.

  2. Adrienne- Yeah. I’m mostly kidding. Most everything on this blog is tongue-in-cheek. I give a crap, really, if shit I like is trendy.

    It’s not terribly important that I keep this idea “original”, but the fact that I don’t want to pay for flowers is what’s really motivating my asking for new spins on this idea. But nobody likes a cheapskate…

    Uh, but no, the people I’m asking for idea are not the same people who are perpetuating trends. See, I’m asking my *commenters* for ideas- my commenters are not bridal bloggers. They’re fashion/DIY/sex/food/politics bloggers and friends of mine, respectively.

    Sometimes you can find a good project in MSW that doesn’t blow up all over the internet. I’ve gotten every issue of MSW in the last 2 years, and I’ve found plenty of cool ideas that have not simultaneously been covered by every wedding blog like this one has.

    And, what the hell, man? I don’t get your tone. Are you trying to be helpful with your criticisms or are you just trying to flex your smartass muscles and blow up my spot? Cuz that’s not gonna fly.

    I don’t mean to offend every 2-dress bride out there or anything. I just think the Hollywoddization of weddings (costume changes! It’s like an awards show!) is lame. That’s just my opinion. I’m sorry your family cares more about being conventional than letting you do your own thing and be happy. That really sucks.

  3. The lanterns are a pretty cool idea. Tea candles are a hell of a lot cheaper than flowers.

    The picture from MSW is nice, and it looks like there’s some clover in there. Do you know anyone with a big yard that would like to get rid of clover or dandelions cheaply?

  4. You know, M & I get these amazing ideas all of the time. Fashion, food, booze, you name it. So many times has this exact same phenomenon occurred with other people jacking our shit and making it cheap and sad that we now have to run clearance on the especially fabulous ideas.

    “Is it OK to talk about this?”
    “Wait, how much will you say?”
    “Just __ and __.”
    “Oh, OK then. No. Wait! Just say the last part. Not the first.”
    “OK. Are you sure?”
    “Yah. Do it.”

    ” You know what? Maybe I won’t. That shit is going to end up in Elle/Details in 2 mos. and we’re going to be fucking pissed.”
    “You’re so right. Don’t do it.”
    “Man, we’re awesome!”

    We live hella thrilling lives.

  5. PS. ENABLED. Just sayin’.

  6. Sorry for the tone. I didn’t mean to blow up. I apologize.

  7. It’s OK, Adrienne. My posts are kind of inflammatory, b/c that’s just my sense of humor. Take everything I say with a Beth Ditto-sized grain of salt, and thanks so much for stopping by my humble little bloggie!

  8. Why don’t you take a can opener and punch holes in the bottom for drainage and then plant lavender and mint and other nice smelling herbs in them?

    OR, plant ginko or japanese maple seedlings in them to send home with your guests. Or strawberries or mini tomato plants. SO cute.

    Potting Shed Creations is my inspiration.

    I don’t know, I guess it doesn’t make it less trendy, but at least it’s not cut flowers.

  9. I did tea tin centerpieces for my August 2007 wedding. In fact, I also blogged about it.

    We planted potted herbs and some other plants ( a few flowering plants and some black peppers) in them and let guests take them home at the end of the reception.

    We found a local greenhouse that gave us a great deal and we actually got all of the plants for less than $100, and that was more than enough for 18 tables.

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