Monsoon Wedding

I’m kind of obsessed with Indian weddings right now. Pretty much every episode of Whose Wedding is it Anyway? so far this season has been an Indian wedding, which just adds to my fervor over these gorgeous, colorful events. Also, I know I’m really, really behind the times on this one- it came out in 2001 but I saw a fabulous film about Punjabi weddings a few weeks ago. Monsoon Wedding follows a modern Delhi family in the days leading up to a traditional marriage celebration.

If you haven’t seen this one, I highly recommend it. I could talk your ear off about how much I love this movie, but I’ll spare you b/c the film pretty much speaks for itself once you’ve seen it. Video teasers after the jump!

This is the trailer to Monsoon Wedding, which you are going to go and add to your Netflix queue straight away, aren’t you?

And this is proof of how much YouTube truly sucks- I can’t find the video of the Mehndi scene from the movie, but I can find some silly Mehndi tutorial video with the awesome song from MW. Oh well, the song is the best part, but the scene in the movie really makes it. Which is why you are going to rent it. Now.


3 responses to “Monsoon Wedding

  1. London_Calling

    Oooo, I love Mira Nair’s films, but I still haven’t seen this. I’m so behind the times I don’t even have Netflix. Must find and cajole friend with Netflix that they want to see this…

  2. agreeneyedevil

    Steel Magnolias will always hold the first place in my heart for wedding movies! One of my good friends and I can weave the lines of the movie into almost any conversation…we’ve seen it that many times. But I’ll admit this does look interesting.

    Ok Panda, inquiring minds want to know the rest of the story on ordering the wedding dress!

  3. Mira Nair makes the most beautiful films. Even when they’re not great, in terms of content (see: Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon), they are visually fantastic, and so gorgeous to look at.

    My favorite wedding movie is The Wedding Singer, because I am a sucker for the soundtrack. Off topic: I have never been to a wedding with a wedding singer, Panda. Have you? Do people still do that, or is it strictly DJ/ipod territory now?

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