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Loves Me Not

That was pirate-speak, did you get it? Hoh-hoh! Have you noticed? The news is very gay lately. I don’t understand how the AFA can even stand it!

First, put on your bullshit goggles, because this is kind of priceless:

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The Garter Toss: Beauty no. 2


While certain wedding traditions have meaningful roots in religion and culture- the Italian chair dance, the breaking of the glass in Jewish ceremonies- the garter toss is simply a time-honored tradition in tackiness. Seriously, I don’t want anyone lifting up my goddamn skirt in goddamn public. There is a time and a place for cheeky sex-play, and the presence of my entire extended family and my husband’s family that I’ve only just met is clearly not it.

   So I’ve decided to dedicate this recurring column about tacky, ill-advised wedding trends and ideas to the infamous garter toss. After the jump, yuppies maxing out their self-indulgence allowance, and a head-scratching hipster homage:

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