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Mysteries of Shittsburgh

OK, so my pal in bloggydom, Bewildered Housewife, tagged me for a meme. I think all I have to do is post about 6 quirks that I have that are personal to me. Um, I’d love to do that and all, but I really should keep this blog about my wedding. So, prepare to look behind the curtain into the 6 as-yet-unknown quirks about my wedding!

But you know, a lot of the non-traditional aspects of my wedding have already been revealed here. There’s not much more to tell, except maybe that I’m effing tired of planning this thing. Srsly. It feels like I’m single-handedly running a little town. If that town were a real place, I’d call it “Shittsburgh.” Not because planning a wedding is really that shitty (um, but it kind of is), but because I love how Sienna Miller famously insulted the city of Pittsburgh by labeling it thusly.

It was such a career-suicide move, but GOD was that some delicious faux pas. Sometimes when the beautiful people fuck up, it’s just dreadful and infuriating (Tom Cruise and every TV appearance he’s done in the last 3 years). But other times, it’s really humanizing. “Shittsburgh” is funny in the way that one of my friends could have said something like that to a PA resident by accident and caught the same case of foot-in-mouth disease. I love it. I’d totally have a beer with Sienna Miller. Anyway, onward:

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“My Colors are Blush and Bashful.”


“Her colors are pink and pink.” (Fucking, seriously? There are no pics of the Steel Magnolias wedding online? Fuck you, internet! I’m’a put up a hot Vespa wedding instead. Get yer shit together, man.)

   Sooooo, due to my name-dropping my wedding theme in Cake or Death II, I’m sure a lot of you are going, “Her wedding theme is what now?” or “What the hell gave her that idea?” I know, it’s a little bit… esoteric. My wedding theme is Mid-Century Chinoiserie. I really don’t want to have to explain what Chinoiserie is, so here’s the wiki. Just trust that this style of decorating is currently experiencing a revival. You know those little birds that folks are painting or screenprinting or designing onto just about everything these days? Yeah. The combination of birds, branches, and blooms are Chinoiserie themes.

   Anyway, I could say that I chose this idea because Chinoiserie style reflects my heritage in that it’s sort of pan-European, with an emphasis on the French, and the oriental traits represent Mr. Panda. But that wouldn’t be entirely true, and it would call to mind some of the icky colonialist undertones involved with historical culture cross-pollenation. We can all agree that it’s just pretty, right? But that’s not the whole of it, either. This style has been around since the 17th century, but it was particularly popular in America in the 50s and 60s. Which brings me to the actual source of my inspiration:

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