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Monsoon Wedding

I’m kind of obsessed with Indian weddings right now. Pretty much every episode of Whose Wedding is it Anyway? so far this season has been an Indian wedding, which just adds to my fervor over these gorgeous, colorful events. Also, I know I’m really, really behind the times on this one- it came out in 2001 but I saw a fabulous film about Punjabi weddings a few weeks ago. Monsoon Wedding follows a modern Delhi family in the days leading up to a traditional marriage celebration.

If you haven’t seen this one, I highly recommend it. I could talk your ear off about how much I love this movie, but I’ll spare you b/c the film pretty much speaks for itself once you’ve seen it. Video teasers after the jump!

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I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.


I had a curious epiphany on my way to work this morning. Fiona Apple came on my ipod (shut up, ok?), and, as I stated on this amazing and fabulous Jezebel thread, Fiona Apple is a key player in my breakup sountracks. And apparently, lots of other people’s, too, if you follow the thread. Apparently, the power Fiona has to plumb the depths of your inner abyss of self-indulgent, lonely, heatbroken, sadbastardness is universally recognized by the generation of people born under the signs of Gen-X and Gen-Y, respectively. But lately, when Her Waifiness pops up in the shuffle, I skip the song.

(Gawd, I’m about to sound like such a fangirl, but for serious, I really only like this chick’s music when I’m dumped and need the type of encouragment that can only come from such a truly, truly unhinged bitch.)

   Not long ago, when I listened to a Fiona song I’d almost always get a brick in my throat thinking about whatever douchecanoe I had split with most recently. Now that my Single Girl Angst had subsided, all the lustre has faded frm the Apple. I don’t sing along and beat the steering wheel and think about What WAS and What Could Have BEEN anymore. Which is great & all but… In truth, actually got a little nostalgic for the brand of heartache that, if all goes according to plan, I’ll never experience again. It has really, truly dawned on me that a chapter in my life is closing.

    Don’t worry, I’m not going to mourn my single days because I’ve not forgotten (and you all know this) that being single pretty much sucks. So, in the place of all the symphonic recollections of unrequited love, a new and different musical yanker-of-heart-strings has appeared:

(pack an airsickness bag, y’all, it’s about to get serious….)

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