Ugly Dress of the Week: Herpzilla Invades Korea

I found this weeks ugly dress while researching my Korean Wedding Customs post. I remember reading a while back that Paris Hilton had gone to Korea for god knows what, and now here’s the photo to prove it:

(Britney did it, too, and worse!)

   Now, I have no real problem with the dress itself. Hanbok dresses are quite lovely. It’s the Paris part, and the Pepto pink color, that qualifies this dress. You know what else? I don’t even know why celebs have to dress in traditional clothes when they visit foreign countries. I mean, it made sense for R&B singer Amerie to do it, since her mom is Korean (though there is no excuse for how ugly that dress was), but why do all these randos have to wear hanboks? If it were me, I’d feel super-weird, which is why I’m not gonna wear a wedding hanbok at my nups.

To help scrub the image of Herpzilla: International Skank of Mystery from your minds, here’s a gallery of Hanbok done right:

I don’t care what the Red Carpet Police idiots said, Sandra Oh rocked this dress.


Vogue Korea! Kittens! Aaaaaaah!


OMG, Preeeeeetty! WANT!

Awwwww! Babies! *weep!*


Please to make fun of Paris or talk about yummy Korean food in the comments!


10 responses to “Ugly Dress of the Week: Herpzilla Invades Korea

  1. omg, where did you get my baby pics from?!?!?

  2. The Google! I was just looking for “hanbok” and all these pictures of people’s gorgeous babies came up. I couldn’t NOT include them. Although posting pics of strangers’ kids feels weird, I just HAD to, b/c they’re so cute it makes me weep.

  3. PS- The baby on the bottom looks like she came from Mr. Panda. It kills me.

  4. PaisleyPajamas

    So, the place where I go to get my nails done always has all of these cool videos playing in their native tongues (Korean, Vietnamese) and usually it’s like “the Michael Jackson of Vietnam,” but one time, they had this video of a fashion show of all hanboks and I was freakin’ floored at the decor and attention to detail. The models were like flitting, fluttering butterflies on the runway. It was really something and made any American runway show you want to choose look like amateur hour at the local fashion school.

  5. Paris looks ridonk in the hanbok. Britney at least seems to not have hello kitty’d it up too much.

    And I didn’t like the Sandra Oh dress on TV, but it looks fabulous in a wide shot. (Although I still take issue with the way it squished her boobs, which is a fitting flaw, not one of design).

  6. bewilderedhousewife

    Put Paris back into that box and make her stay there.

  7. These kids in dresses look so sweet…

  8. Skinny Bone Jones

    Vogue Korea w/ kittens is superior to all over Vogues.

  9. Hey, from which website did you get the pic with the hanbok models???? In other words, where would you suggest that i can order a dress like that?

  10. The hanbok models are from Vogue Korea, and also a media site that covered a hanbok fashion show from a year ago or so. Best option is to look online at an import store, or if there’s a large Korean population in your city, maybe someone will have a dress shop or they can make you one custom. That’s all I can think.

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